Bible Study

St. James' bible studies are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Rectory, and the 4th Friday of each month at 10 am at Carolina Suites. There are no bible study meetings in July and August.


craft group

A group of crafters meet every week from March to November. The group does mainly tole painting of items to sell at the Christmas Bazaar. This year we are painting nativity sets. We are looking for others to join the group to meet at the church occasionally to make other items such as Christmas decorations, centrepieces, etc. Our meetings are a great time for creativity and fellowship. Ideas for crafts that we can be done by the group are also welcome. Please contact Carol Kelleher or the office for more information about when and where the group meets.


Ladies' Coffee Hour


The St. James Ladies Coffee Hour was started by Glenn and Eleanor Drover in 2004 and has been ongoing since then. Once a month, ladies meet to share in a social hour over coffee or tea at 10 am on the first Friday of each month. We hope that you can join us at our next coffee hour.


Men's Coffee Hour

At 10 am on the second Monday of every month, the men meet at Code's Mill to share a social time over a cup of coffee or tea. All men are invited to join us.


Parish Council

At each annual Vestry meeting (held in February), a Vestry committee call the Parish Council is established. The membership consists of the Rector, the Wardens, Lay Members of Synod, and representatives from other parish ministries. At the first meeting, a Chairperson and Secretary are elected. The duties of Parish Council are outlined in the Diocesan Regulations. Some of these dutes include Assist Rector in Christian education, help Wardens prepare an annual budget for the vestry meeting. Parish Council meets once per month (September to June, except February), usually on the third Tuesday at 7 pm. If you would like to learn more about the Parish Council at St. James, please contact Rev. Ken Davis.


Parish Guild

Everyone who attend St. James is a member of the Parish Guild. The group offers hospitality to parishioners and community members through a variety of activities and events. Some of the events are Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner, Vestry lunch, Spring Fish Fry, Fall Smorgasbord, funeral luncheons, Spring New-to-You Sale, and Christmas Bazaar. Whether you are able to attend meetings or not, there are lots of ways you can help. While our ministry of hospitality raises funds for the parish, we also enjoy great fellowship at each event. Our meetings are the first Tuesday of each month from September to June (except February) at 1:30 pm in the Anna Wilson Room. For more information, please contact Ruth Geddes, Al Schoots or the office.


Pastoral Care Team

Pastoral Care is the ministry of listening. The Pastoral Care Team brings brings the memory of what they have learned through their emotional experiences into their practice of empathic listening in pastoral care. This requires serious listening to patients' feelings and offering creative responses. The team practices this skill among themselves each month when we meet; always trying to make our responses more accurate, more appropriate and helpful to those we visit. The team meets on the first Thursday morning of each month (September to June) at 10 am. For more information, please speak with Rev. Ken Davis.


Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee meets throughout the year to develop new ways to encourage parishioners to actively participate in any or many of St. James's ministries by offering and sharing their time, talents and treasures. We try to keep all members of the parish informed and up to date on happenings in the church and about our various ministries. If you are interested in joining the Stewardship Committee, please speak with Elsie Stresman, or contact the office.


Sunday Morning Breakfast

On the third Sunday of every month from September to May, the breakfast cooks prepare and serve a delicious hot breakfast in the Good Shepherd Hall. Breakfast is served between the two Sunday morning services, usually from about 9 to 10 am. If you would like to help with the breakfast, please contact Rob Burns or the office. 


Wool Gatherers

A group of congregation members meet to share their interest in creating with yarn. Items are knitted and crocheted for the annual bazaar, and prayer shawls are made for those who may be challenged by life's circumstances. We have contributed knitted and crocheted items to Children's Aid and Lanark County Interval House. The group meets at 1:30 pm on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month, except during the summer. Whether you want to knit for the bazaar or just for yourself, we'd be glad to have you join us. For those knitting for the bazaar, we are happy to provide you with patterns, yarn, needles and expertise if needed. For more information, please speak with Marion Schoots or Ruth Geddes, or contact the office.


Worship Planning Group

A group of members from the parish family meet about four times a year to look ahead in faith and creatively plan worship services to be offered in the upcoming season. We also look back to assess the pattern and content of worship services in the previous season so that we can better serve people's worship needs, and be faithful and intentional in our worship planning for those seasons when they next come around. If you would like to learn more about the Worship Planning Group, please contact Rev. Ken Davis.